Jiamin Li (李嘉敏)


Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Computer Science
City University of Hong Kong

Email: jiaminli.icy [at] gmail.com

CV (I usually keep my CV up-to-date.)


I am a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate at City University of Hong Kong, advised by Prof. Hong Xu, Henry and Prof. Cong Wang. Previously, I obtained my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from City University of Hong Kong in 2019. My research interests lie primarily in the area of distributed machine learning system (MLSys).

I am on the job market with expect graduation in Spring 2024, hopefully :)

Research Interests

  • Distributed machine learning system: accelerating large-scale distributed DNN tasks

  • Adaptive and sparse computation: exploring new computing paradigms to keep scaling DNN models

  • Simulation: building accurate performance simulator of DNN training workloads

  • Resource scheduling in GPU clusters: designing efficient scheduling algorithms for DNN tasks

  • Publications

    Journal Paper

    Conference Paper


    Visiting Student Reseacher @The University of Texas at Austin

    Research Intern @ByteDance

    Part-time Research Assistant @CityU

    Software Developer @Jardine Matheson


    Accelerating Mixture-of-Experts models (ongoing)

    Simulation of large-scale distributed DNN training tasks (ongoing)

    DNN Training Job Scheduling


  • CS2311, Computer Programming, Sem A, 2022/2023

  • CS4296 & CS5296, Cloud Computing, Sem B, 2021/2022

  • CS4394 & CS5294, Information Security and Management, Sem A, 2021/2022

  • CS4293 & CS6290, Topics on Computer Security, Sem B, 2020/2021

  • CS5222, Computer Networks and Internets, Sem A, 2020/2021

  • CS4296 & CS5296, Cloud Computing, Sem B, 2019/2020

  • CS2311, Computer Programming, Sem A, 2019/2020