Jiamin Li


Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Computer Science
City University of Hong Kong

Email: jiaminli.icy [at] gmail.com

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I am a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate at City University of Hong Kong, advised by Prof. Hong Xu, and Prof. Cong Wang. Previously, I obtained my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from City University of Hong Kong in 2019. My research interests lie primarily in the area of Systems for Machine Learning (SysML).

[Update] I am currently a visiting researcher at The University of Texas at Austin, under the supervision of Prof. Aditya Akella.

[Open to job opportunities] I am in the job market with the expected graduation in Spring 2024, hopefully :) I am currently searching for job openings in the industry and open to relocation.

Research Topics

  • Distributed Training & Inference: Accelerating large-scale distributed DNN workloads

  • GPU Cluster Scheduling: Designing efficient scheduling algorithms for DNN tasks

  • Simulation: Building accurate performance simulator of DNN training workloads

  • Adaptive & Sparse Computation: Exploring new computing paradigms to scale DNN models

  • At present, I am actively engaged in constructing efficient systems tailored for large language models.


    Conference Proceedings

    Journal Publications

    Research & Work Experience

    Visiting Researcher @ UTNS, The University of Texas at Austin

    Research Intern @ MLSys Team of AI Lab, ByteDance

    Part-time Research Assistant @ NetX, City University of Hong Kong

    Software Developer @ Group Human Resources, Jardine Matheson

    Teaching Assistant

  • CS2311, Computer Programming: Sem A, 2022/2023, Sem A, 2019/2020

  • CS4296 & CS5296, Cloud Computing: Sem B, 2021/2022, Sem B, 2019/2020

  • CS4394 & CS5294, Information Security and Management: Sem A, 2021/2022

  • CS4293 & CS6290, Topics on Computer Security: Sem B, 2020/2021

  • CS5222, Computer Networks and Internets: Sem A, 2020/2021

  • Professional Services

  • Artifact Evaluation Committee: ACM SOSP 2023, MLSys 2023, ACM EuroSys 2023, ACM CoNEXT 2022, USENIX OSDI 2023, USENIX ATC 2023, ACM SIGCOMM 2023, ACM EuroSys 2024

  • Technical Program Committee: IEEE IJCNN 2023

  • Reviewer: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN)

  • Misc

  • Student Travel Grant, USENIX ATC, 2023

  • ML and Systems Rising Stars Program, ML Commons, 2023

  • Research Activity Funds, City University of Hong Kong, 2023

  • Student Travel Grant, ACM EuroSys, 2023

  • Full Postgraduate Studentship, City University of Hong Kong, 2019-2024

  • Dean’s List (College of Engineering), City University of Hong Kong, 2015-2019